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We are a cefas registered fish farm giving you confidence that you are receiving quality healthy fish. We grow predominantly carp and crucians and have stocked fish from an inch long up to and above 40lb. The majority of our available stock and sales are in the 5lb to 25lb range. 

To maximise the potential of our site we purchase our fish from Steve at White Water fisheries, We believe the whitewater fish to be some of the best around, they have great body shape with thick set shoulders and carry their weight throughout their length. We are able to go and hand pick our stock as young c2 fish bringing them back to our site to grow on. Dedicated ponds for fish of different ages makes growing the fish more even with a better average weight and also gives you the piece of mind you are purchasing fish of a specific age.

We grow a variety of carp and have something for everyone as the gallery shows, from fully scaled fish to nude mirrors with the potential to grow huge and classic looking common carp.

Our fish are fed on specially developed carp pellets from Aller aqua giving us a good healthy growth and also helps us maintain good water quality. 

We will help you through all the paperwork associated with stocking fish and tailor your order specifically to your needs. Upon delivery we are happy to help you record and photograph your new stock along with offering a microchip service should you want this for records and security of your new fish.

Carp Prices


3lb- 4lb15oz = £7.50/lb


5lb- 6lb15oz = £9/lb


7lb – 9lb15oz = £11/lb


10lb-11lb15oz = £13/lb


12lb-14lb15oz = £16/lb


15lb-16lb15oz = £20/lb


17lb – 20lb £550/fish


20lb – 23lb £650/fish


25lb plus – POA

Delivery is dependant on location and order size

C3 Carp

C4 Carp

C5 Carp

C6 Carp